Join The Team

What is an Eracist?

In this league, we are all on the same team.  You'll get your team number whenever you decide to join the team.  In this league, we all share the mission to travel our roads to success.  Where we Erace The Hate, the sport is life.  Erace The Hate everywhere.  We challenge ourselves to focus on building legacies that will shape the future, our successors.

We have an opportunity to make a difference in the community by promoting positivity, respect, peace, and love.  We are advocates of social reform.  We dream constructively, live productively, and live our dreams.  WE ARE ERACISTS.
THE PACKAGE - Each Erace The Hate item is delivered in our hand-stamped packaging.  All of our products are of eco-friendly/organic material.  Inside the packaging is an E-Card dedicated to your particular item.  This E-Card expresses the inspiration and purpose behind the product.  Collect your E-Cards as memorabilia to reference each Eracist mission. 
THE LABEL – Every Erace The Hate customer is added to our team of Eracists in the “League of Extraordinary Dreamers”.  On the label of every item purchased beginning with 2nd Edition apparel and accessories, your Eracist Number will be handwritten, stamped, or embroidered for authenticity.  This number remains for your lifetime as an Erace The Hate customer.  Your number is assigned based on your initial contribution or purchase and declares that you as an Eracist will encourage peace and positivity amongst our human race.  
-The Eracists