Erace The Hate presents - The Pursuit of Excellence 

Under the command of Sergeant Rallo Boykins, seven Eracists are on the brink of completing 10,000 hours in the Pursuit Of Excellence. Improv comedy and empowerment to promote the release of our Excellence tees and summer apparel.

GOLD BANDS - by Gray Poupon

Gray Poupon's first Music Video! After meeting Trinidad James in November 2012. Gray Poupon released a remix to the hit single "All Gold Everything" that highlights his method to makin peace and positivity the new "cool". Showcasing his lifestyle brand Erace The Hate, Gray Poupon went to his hometown Kansas City, Missouri where he began his journey to make difference in the community. "From one Eracist to another, I respect Trinidad James' creativity, fashion, and respect for underground ARTrepreneurs. This is a tribute to his support of the brand" s/o Soular POW!er Wreckords!

Peace And POW!: The Avanti Project

PEACE AND POW! Erace The Hate and Soular POW!er team up to bring peace and great music to the community! We were invited to spread peace with the youth in this District Heights neighborhood. DJ Hollywood Kole and Gray Poupon brought the fun out of peace advocacy at The Avanti Apartments

Soular Sundays @ Tropicalia DC: A Hate Free Zone

In efforts to commend all of the talent and passion for The Arts in the DMV area we at Soular POW!er Wreckords host "Soular Sundays", one Sunday out of each month. This event does not only showcase artistic talent, but acts as an event for local ARTreprenuers and partygoers to meet and promote their businesses and values as well. Hosted by comedian Rallo Boykins and DJ HollyWood Kole and special performances by Liberation Band, Marshall Sims, Kristian Lauren, Mariah Maxwell, J/MicFly and Gray Poupon, this special event was held at Tropicalia DC, located 2001 14th St. (under the Subway) on June 2, from 2:00pm - 6:00pm.

ERACE THE HATE: The Introduction

I am Martin Luther King, Jr.  .... "I Have A Dream We Can ERACE THE HATE"

We sent an email to our peers asking them to share with us the impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had on their lives.  "What Do You Dream?"  "How will you make his dream come true?"  "A One-Word synonym for love is....." The progression of the people is dependent on the willingness to work together for one common purpose. . #peace  Enjoy and ERACE The HATE