About Us




"We are more than a Clothing Line


We are the voice OF the people that are taking the initiative to be the difference in the lives of others and communities. We are the voice FOR the people afraid to live and grow together as one human race. We challenge our people, the people, to no longer conform, but to reform love, peace, and life. We will no longer create our future in the likeness of our history. We will just create the future. We will ERACE THE HATE. Established in Washington, D.C. in 2008, the company is dedicated to the awareness and enlightenment of our economic, moral, and social state. Our goal is to use a clothing line as the forefront for our innovative and creative ideas to change the state of our community. As the role model for peace, love, and unity for the human race, Eracism intends to be a name associated with the rehabilitation of all aspects of a society globally.
We believe that any change in our community is going to begin with the youth, as they are our future. In an era that is driven by fashion, we intend to create clothing that makes a statement and an impact whenever the clothing is worn. The key definition of Eracism, “The removal from existence the belief that one race is superior to another”, supports the idea that we must first become united and equal as a human race so that we may progress. We address the development of our human race by acknowledging that there are social differences in every aspect of day-to-day life, including gender, sexual preference, religious, and even economic, but we must recognize that we are equal as human beings. 
The motive is to be a living aid to a human race that has allowed greed, politics, race, and religion to deteriorate our values and respect for the common good. Initially we intend to sale t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and hooded sweatshirts for men and women of all ages. The mascot, the chameleon, represents a world of different cultures, religions, and beliefs that are united as one human race.
We challenge our consumer, “the Eracist”, to stand out as individuals, while blending into a united human race. Once the brand is well established and renowned, we will sponsor and create our own youth intervention program that is to be respected internationally. We will hosts events year round and assemble youth summits fit for socializing and outreach. "Erace The Hate" by ERACISM Clothing llc. will be a difference in communities across the world.
Mission Statement:
"Erace The Hate" by ERACISM Clothing llc. will provide a positive influence for youth nationwide by promoting the concept “We”. We the human race, started as one, and the only way we will end as one is if we work together. Our creativity fused with the concern for the human race will inspire innovation and design. We will help the youth prove to the previous generations that we are a responsible and productive group of youth that have the potential to set an example for the future generations. Eracism apparel and sponsored events will target to inspire all people to create a safe environment, conducive for learning and growth.
The objective for "Erace The Hate" by ERACISM Clothing llc. is to become a leading clothing manufacturer in consumer satisfaction that has a positive and constructive effect on society. "Erace The Hate" will provide the latest trends in fashion while simultaneously familiarizing masses of societal change. Participation and association with everything involving our brand will imply that you and your company stand for the Eracism campaign.