“Love doesn’t necessitate reciprocity because love is selfless.” – John Harris III

Lights don’t shine for the purpose of recognition. They shine so that others might see. The sun rises and life grows from its presence. Simple. Love adulterated by the expectation of reciprocation loses power. Love has the power to bring life to muted hearts. A muted heart doesn’t have the capacity to sing its praises even if it has a song to sing. Your love could help someone find their voice again. Learning to unconditionally love yourself and all that you stand for will give you the strength to spread your energy constantly, regardless of what hardships or confusion life throws your way. True love of others consists of teaching them to love themselves.  We cannot change people. We can only spark within them the understanding that they have the power to empower themselves. That which your pure authentic self is meant to attract will come to you as long as you stay true to who you are and release your energy into the world. The instinct of love can be stronger than that of survival. It is why people have sacrificed their lives so that others might live. We all inherently understand its power. We’re born knowing how to love. Life’s experiences just adulterate it along the way. Pure love is all that is good. It’s a silent harmony of understanding that uplifts all it touches. There’s no reason to fear it. Give freely and receive openly. Live and love.

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