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Lyndon Gray talks Erace The Hate with LoxTV

Lyndon Gray talks Erace The Hate with LoxTV

Erace The Hate Interview : Becoming Eracist Lox TV had a sit down with one of our Eracists, Lyndon Gray.  Lyndon explains why Erace The Hate is so important and how new Eracists and organizations can get involved.  Erace The Hate seeks to provide a haven for socially conscious entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals from across the globe. “At least we know we have a home for people that…

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Gerald Campbell, Nova Sound, builds Youth Confidence With Music

Gerald Campbell, Nova Sound, builds Youth Confidence With Music

Area 954 Presents Broward Beats The youth of Margate Middle School have spent the past four months creating an Extended Play record.  Produced by The Motivational Edge teaching artist Gerald “Nova Sound” Campbell, with the assistance of teaching artist Lakshmi Ruiz, Alexandar Star and Lyndon Gray, the EP turned the classroom into a studio. Students expressed ideas over new instrumentals in a free…

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Lyndon Gray (Marcano Sax) Helps Miami Youth Create Clear Vision for 2017

Lyndon Gray (Marcano Sax) Helps Miami Youth Create Clear Vision for 2017

The Motivational Edge teaching artist, Lyndon Gray (Marcano Sax), is understands the importance of having a positive heart and clear vision.  He teaches lyrical expression weekly at Chapman Partnership on behalf of the Motivational Vision: the state of being able to see.  Sometimes our vision becomes clouded with the everyday challenges of life.  Our present circumstances can be overwhelming to…

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Gimme Yo "Flavor" , Blaine #NewMusicVideo

Legendary People’s, Blaine dropped a new music video encouraging the ladies to tap into their super powers.  “What’s yo flavor?”  Check out his new visuals showing love to women of all shapes, sizes, and flavors…. Blaine Instagram: Facebook:

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#BlackFriends, Here's Why You Shouldn't Be Offended By Adele's Speech at the Grammys

#BlackFriends, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Offended By Adele’s Speech at the Grammys

erace the hate
Words from a true Eracist, Dorie Rochai Cross  #SpreadLove My dearest #blackfriends, please do not be offended by Adele’s comments at the Grammy’s last night. This woman won an award and used HER moment to acknowledge the great work of another woman. Adele said that the LEMONADE album made her, her friends, and her black friends especially feel empowered. Wasn’t that the intent of Lemonade?…

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Lady Lama spreads love and hope with F.A.L.L. EP | New Music

lady lama
Lady Lama hopes to inspire others to focus on themselves, not to be selfish; but, to have the strength to be selfless. You see when you take care of your body and your mind, you then have the strength and energy to give to the world. She believes we are all here to help one another and share our gifts. “Don’t hold back, be weird, be bold,” she says. LVDY also hopes to inspire others to value…

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Mr. Hot Wheelz Inspires the Talented and Handicapped

Mr. Hot Wheelz Inspires the Talented and Handicapped

Mr. Hot Wheelz
Mr. Hot Wheelz Hip Hop Inspirational Teen Emcee Alex Silva aka “Mr. Hot Wheelz” is a senior at Miami Jackson High School in Miami Florida.  Alex was diagnosed with spina bifida, and he has been in a wheel chair since 3 years old.  Growing up with this condition has taught Mr. Hot Wheelz a lot about dealing with obstacles and life challenges.  With a great spirit, he has accelerated in and out of…

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"Mojo" x Cellus Hamilton | [New Music Video] -- Inspirational Hip Hop

Erace The Hate
Cellus Hamilton has officially released the video for “Mojo”; directed by NYC’s Lee Milby. The “Tuna Mas” produced song arrives days before Christmas and fits perfectly with Cellus Hamilton’s recent visual releases from his latest mixtape Critical Condition. “Mojo” proves that Cellus Hamilton is here to stay and can consistently deliver inspirational and quality artistry. As if all this weren’t…

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"Kanye Meets Trump" Back Against The Wall TV x Rallo Boykins | Funny Video

“Kanye Meets Trump” Back Against The Wall TV x Rallo Boykins | Funny Video

Everyone had something to say about Kanye West’ encounter with Donald Trump.  Check out what Rallo Boykins has to say in his newest episode of “Back Against The Wall TV”

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One In A Milli | G The Mastermind [New Music Video]

One In A Milli | G The Mastermind [New Music Video]

One In A Milli
Follow G The Mastermind: Instagram – G The Mastermind Twitter –TheMastermind26

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